Fun with USBPcap

For quite some time now i use Windows and Linux in parallel. First as a dual-boot system; but for quite some time with Windows as a Virtualbox host and Linux as a guest. Using USB devices in Linux was never a real problem.

But then this suddenly changed and i was no longer able to use USB devices. When i tried to connect a USB device to the guest the system responded with „device busy“. After some troubleshooting i thought the problem were outdated guest tools. But the update of the tools didn’t fix the problem.

Ok, back to Google…

In a Virtualbox forum i found the solution. I reinstalled Wireshark under Windows and this time i installed everything; that included USBPcap for sniffing USB traffic.

Unfortunately Virtualbox and USBPcap aren’t best buddies. You can only have one of them.

After removing USBPcap and a reboot i could use my USB devices again also under Linux.

So maybe it would be a good idea to write down when i install/change something on my laptop. Would have saved me quite some time…


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